Firmware for the remote control translator

Updated 53 minutes ago

Power/data splitter for PD Buddy Sink

Updated 1 week ago

GTK+ GUI for configuring PD Buddy Sink devices

Updated 1 week ago

Python library for working with the PD Buddy Sink Serial Console Configuration Interface

Updated 1 week ago

PD Buddy Sink Firmware

Updated 2 weeks ago

OpenSCAD 3D models for use with PD Buddy devices

Updated 4 weeks ago

PD Buddy Sink schematics and circuit board

Updated 4 weeks ago

Housing for a bench power supply made from a PD Buddy Sink and a DPH3205.

Updated 4 months ago

A USB foot pedal for turning pages of PDF piano sheet music

Updated 5 months ago

The PCB of an arcade-style USB game controller I made in 2010.

Updated 5 months ago

The theme of

Updated 6 months ago

Somewhat fancy voice command recognition software

Updated 7 months ago

The theme of; old Gogs version.

Updated 8 months ago